MDCAT English answer key

UHS MDCAT English Answer Key with Paper
Solved paper UHS 2018 (#ENGLISH)

1. The region *through* which they were passing was known as the Land of Thirst and Death.


2. It is better for me to *die* than to shed the blood of an innocent child. (THE GULISTAN OF SADI, TALE III)

3. I know how to *expose* a throat culture for inspection. (USE OF FORCE)

4. This is just an example of what I complain *of* .

Spot the Error.

5. The most important and the most difficult thing to achieve  is a desire *between* individuals to limit the size of the family. ( HUNGER AND POPULATION EXPLOSION)

6. However, by being so long in *lowest* form I gained an immense  advantage  over the cleverer  boys. (FIRST YEAR AT HARROW)

7. The king *feels* disturbed and on hearing these words he could not control his tears.

8. He glances back at the door, then turns his attention once more *towards* the paper and begins going through it casually. (Heat Lightning)

9. He had earned the reputation of being a great jester, and jests were expected *from* him. (MR CHIPS, Chapter No 16)

10. Thers is terror *from* the outset, and there are all the components necessary to creat a melodrama--- a dimly lit bus station, the storm accompanied by flashes of lightning, and the promise of violent action or emotion.

Choose the correct one:

11. A) There is no clearly defined plot nor is there an attempt to establish a strong "hero figure".

12. A) China is now the fashion around the world. (CHINA'S WAY TO PROGRESS)

13. C) A commomn cause of failure is a mistaken ambition for the boy on the part of his parents.(WHY BOYS FAIL IN COLLEGE)

14. C) I leaned against the parapet and looked down.(ON DESTROYING BOOKS)

15. A) The sufferer becomes depressed  and feels very ill. (HUNGER AND POPULATION EXPLOSION)(TAKEN FRODCAT GUIDE)

16. C) The manager looked at me in some alarm. (MY FINANCIAL CAREER)

17. A) Towards the end of the month he took to his bed. (A PIECE OF STRING)

18. A) I lost my little plough in a furrow and I cried and cried until he made me another plough.(CLEARING IN THE SKY)

19. A) Oppressive it was, too, with the heaviness of a storm.(A MILD ATTACK OF LOCUSTS)

20. C) In my experience , the awakening  of a clear judgement as to what the college is for, is not as difficult as is often supposed.(WHY BOYS FAIL IN COLLEGE)


21. Hiatus=Lull
22. Nexus= Focal point
23. Ilk=Breed
24. Encumber=Strained
25. Dunce=Oaf
26. Hector= Harass
27. Lampoon= Burlesque
28. Perpetuate= Eternize
29. August= Venerable
30. Buffers= Shield