10 famous things of Pakistan that media don't show

Foriegn media (international ) shows that there is a lot of terrorism in Pakistan and if you go there ,there will be no exit. But there is nothing true abot it. I admit that from 2008–2014 Pakistan face a lot of terrorism(not through out country but only a specific area 3–7% which is border area with Afghanistan) but now the situation is like a heaven. Terrorists that came from Afghanistan are now monitored and are caught. Now i am sharing things that international media don't show about Pakiatan.

Rakaposhi base Camp
These are the beautiful Pictures of Northern Areas of Pakistan.
  • Karimabad Fort, Hunza

  • Sawat Valley

  • K-2 is the second largest peak of world
  • Culture of Lahore and Its historical places

These are a few things and you can khow all about Pakistan at our website.