PM Imran Khan Latest Response on Pulwama Attack

"Pak Will Retaliate If India Attacks": Imran Khan

Imran khan on his policy statement on Pulwama Attack. He said"Pak Will Retaliate If India Attacks". Furthermore, he said that Pakistan is not involved in it.He said that the Indian government "accused Pakistan without any evidence or thought." If Pakistan was holding such an important visit, then why would it need to carry out any terror attack? he asked. "Why will Pakistan engage in terrorism? What purpose will this serve? What advantage does it have for us? Pakistan has suffered the most in the war against terror."

Imran Khan tells India to give proof on Pulwama attack, warns that Pakistan will 'surely retaliate' if attacked

The Indian government is stuck in the past. "It is using the same old rhetoric of blaming Pakistan for everything. You need to move ahead," he said.

"I have said time and again that this is the new Pakistan," he said. "It is not in our interest for our soil to be used for terrorism."

"If you have intelligence reports that Pakistan was involved in the attack, then share it with us," he said while addressing the Indian authorities. "We will take an action against the person involved."